Akiyuki Iitaka is a professional chef of Japanese, Italian, and French cuisine. He is also known for specialising in ramen noodles. He owns and operates many famous restaurants in Tokyo, Japan.

Akiyuki Iitaka has brought Nanami chicken based ramen concept to Indonesia. His motto is “happy customers, positive energy and create a unique and tasty ramen for everybody to enjoy”. He hopes Indonesian customers will enjoy the taste of the real chicken ramen.

Nanami Ramen is made with a deeply flavored chicken-based broth and special original noodles recipe cooked al dente styler, made fresh every day. We pay special attention to our chicken quality.
All original soup recipes from Chef Akiyuki Iitaka, he offers unique and tasty flavors, which surely will tingles all taste buds.Sweet, Salty, Spicy and Umami!